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humankind is loaded with whole food nutrition

87% - 90%

animal protein

Comes from whole foods



Comes from whole foods



Comes from whole foods


amino acids

Comes from whole foods


grain free


ingredients from china

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proven benefits

Preliminary results from a study with the Kansas State University College of Veterinary Medicine show that significantly more nutrients are digested, retained and absorbed from the chicken found in Humankind® compared to the highly processed chicken meat, chicken/poultry-by product meal or corn meal that is found in traditionally manufactured feed.

SOURCE: Molnar poster, Table 3, June 201686420Chicken MealHumankind ChickenHigher Net protein retentionSOURCE: Donadelli PER poster, Table 3, June 2016P < .00016543210Chicken By-Product MealHumankind ChickenIncrease in Protein Efficency Get Started