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8 Tail-Friendly Trails to Hike This Summer

Carla Brand | May 1, 2017

Looking for new paw-approved adventures to explore this summer? We’ve put together a list of the best tail-friendly trails throughout the country to hike with your pup. Pack light with Humankind® food for dogs. It’s gently dehydrated, so just add water and mix to give your pups the healthy fuel they need to take on these 8 pet-friendly hiking trails.

Anthony Chabot Regional Park: Ten Hills Trail, California

Anthony Chabot Regional Park

Located in Castro Valley, California, Anthony Chabot Regional Park’s Ten Hills Trail is the perfect dog-friendly afternoon hike. This predominantly shaded trail winds through Castro Valley and has plenty of farm animals along the way that are excited to greet you. Dogs are allowed to run free off-leash, and friendly neighbors often leave out bowls of fresh water for trail hiking pups!

Runyon Canyon, California 

Runyon Canyon

Located in the Hollywood Hills of Los Angeles, California, this park offers multiple trails with various difficulty levels for every kind of hiker. Play fetch in the 90-acre, off-leash dog park where your dog can run free, and enjoy scenic views of Los Angeles and the famous Hollywood sign along the way!

Red Bull Isle, Texas

Red Bull Isle

Located in Austin, Texas, Red Bull Isle is a 13-acre favorite of many dog owners. Dogs are free to run free, swim in Lady Bird Lake, and hike the island’s half-mile nature trail. Known for its popularity in the early morning and late afternoon, your pup is bound to socialize and make a few doggy friends!

Mount Falcon Park, Colorado

Red Bull Isle

The beautiful Mount Falcon Park is not only pup friendly, but also welcomes horses, bikers, and picnickers! Choose your difficulty level and embark on the perfect trail that views the Denver cityscape, Red Rocks Park, castle ruins, and snow-covered mountaintops. This park is packed with history and adventure, and is located in Morrison, Colorado.

Shawnee National Forest, Illinois

Shawnee National Forest

Covering more than 270,000 acres of southern Illinois, Shawnee National Forest offers hundreds of hiking trails to choose from. Walk the 90 foot Pomona Natural Bridge, explore the remains of a Mississippian Native American village, and follow Devil’s Backbone on the Mississippi River. Make sure to keep your pup on a leash at all times, and bring water for your full day of exploring!

Lair O’ the Bear Park: Bear Creek Trail, Colorado

Lair O’ the Bear Park: Bear Creek Trail

Located in Morrison, Colorado, this park offers scenic views, wildlife, fishing, and picnic tables. Cool off in the creek that runs along Bear Creek Trail, and play fetch in one of the many open-space areas along the way! While dogs must remain on leashes, this trail is the perfect day trip to explore with your furry family.

Emma Long Metropolitan Park: Turkey Creek Trail, Texas

Cape Florida Nature Trail

As one of the only off-leash nature trails in the city of Austin, Turkey Creek Trail is a must for all dog-loving hikers. The trail follows Turkey Creek through a dense wooded area, leading to plenty of pools for your pup to swim.

Cape Florida Nature Trail, Florida

Cape Florida Nature Trail

This 1.5 mile trail runs through marshes, forests, and dunes, and is located in Key Biscayne, Florida. Enjoy coastal views of a lighthouse, marina, and historic ocean-side homes. Cape Florida Nature Trail does not have water faucets, so be sure to bring water for both yourself and your pup! Summer is here and adventure is calling!

What are your favorite dog-friendly trails? Share your favorite memories below!

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